Developer, programmer, writer, gamer. Open source proponent, technology enthusiast, & creator of simple games. I like to make stuff.

My specialty is computer science & full-stack development. I develop & design websites with HTML & CSS, JavaScript (React.js, MEAN stack, jQuery), PHP & PDO, and MySQLi. I program apps & software with Java and C++ mostly.

"Baseball, baseball, I want to play baseball!"

Arms Baseball is an organization aimed at making connections and furthering success in the baseball community at large. Professional teams use his network in scouting for the southwest U.S. & Mexico.

Website coded with HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and PHP & MySQLi.
Open source arcade-style web app browser game where you jump for points and bonuses. Hi scores go up on the scoreboard!

Website coded with HTML & CSS, JavaScript (AngularJS, jQuery), and PHP & MySQLi.
"Try to guac as many avocados as you can before the round is up, all while stirring the bowl to boost your score multiplier and adding in chilis, limones, and more. Avoid rotten avocados or else your score will suffer!"

Open source, free Android app programmed with Java in Android Studio for the Google Play Store.

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